Time Clocks

PIX-21 Electronic Time Clock & Time Stamp


This product is MADE IN THE USA.

PIX-21 electronic time clock and time stamp is the ideal choice for small businesses requiring accurate employee time.

  • Quartz clock accuracy
  • Illuminated print window improves efficiency on time card stamping
  • Ten-message printing combined with the date/time stamp functions as a verification and tracking device
  • Automatic or manual print 
  • Automatically changes  year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time 
  • Prints time in regular or military time; AM or PM, 0-23 hours, minutes, tenths or hundredths 
  • Illuminated print window for easy card alignment 
  • Prints 10 messages: VOID, SENT, PAID, ORIGIN, RCV’D, CFM’D, APR’D, FAX’D, CMPL’D 
  • Cartridge ribbon 
  • Battery backup 
  • Table or wall mount 
  • 3 year backup retains memory and settings
  • Power supply – AC 120VC +/-10%, 60Hz
  • Power consumption - Normal: 3W, Maximum: 6W
  • Ambient Temperature – 14°F -113°F (-10°C-45°C)
  • Humidity Temperature – 10% - 90% (no condensation)
  • Dimensions - 6”H x 5.5” W x 6.5”D (150 x 140 x 165mm)
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs. (1.8 kg)
  • Memory retention – Clock and programming data kept for 3 years without AC power
  • Environment – Indoor use only, dust-free environment.  Keep out of direct sunlight
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty

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